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000 yards in a season before last year Abdelkader was ultimately forced to surrender. His failure to get support from eastern tribes, apart from the Berbers of western Kabylie, had contributed to the quelling of the rebellion, and a decree from Abd al Rahman of Morocco following the Treaty of Tangiers had outlawed Discovering The Field Of Sports Memorabilia Emir from his entire kingdom.[8] On 21 December 1847, Abdelkader surrendered to General Louis de Lamoricire in exchange for the promise that he would be allowed to go to Alexandria or Acre.[1] He supposedly commented on his own surrender with the words, "And God undoes what my hand has done" (although this is probably apocryphal).

His request was granted, and two days later his surrender was made official to the French Governor p3355 General of Algeria, Henri d'Orlans, duc d'Aumale, to whom Abdelkader symbolically handed his war horse.[8] Ultimately, however, the French government refused to honour Lamoricire'It S Time For A School Football Playoff promise: Abdelkader was shipped to France and, instead of being allowed to carry on to the East, ended up being kept in captivity.[1][8].